Taxi Watch comes to Donegal

Taxi Watch, is an innovative scheme which enables taxi drivers to be more aware of potential suicide and equips them how to best help someone who may be in distress or feeling suicidal.

It is recognised that taxi drivers and in particular night taxi drivers are a front-line service who have direct contact with a large and varying cross section of the community.

Taxi Watch is an initiative which offers drivers basic training and support which will enable them to be more aware and better equipped to respond appropriately should they find themselves in a situation where there is potential of a suicide or to recognise the signs of a potential suicide.

Taxi Watch started in Derry where this good work still continues. The idea was taken up and implemented in Kilkenny in 2014 where Taxi Watch has gained national and international profile.

Now this initiative is to be set up in Donegal by Local Link Donegal, with support from the HSE’s Connecting for Life Programme.

We are inviting all Taxi and Hackney drivers in Donegal to avail of this opportunity to come and learn about Taxi Watch.

Monday 21st January from 11.30am – 1.00pm at the Function Room, Century Cinemas, Letterkenny.

So far, initiatives in Derry, Kilkenny and other parts of the country have saved hundreds of lives and it is hoped that the Donegal taxi and hackney drivers will become important players in the current county wide effort to reduce suicide.

Please come along and avail of this opportunity to hear and learn all about this great “hands on” initiative – Taxi Watch!

For more information contact Local Link Donegal on 074 9741644